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AUTRES MATHILDE 22.08-11.09.2011 - CAEN (France) "Duc Rollon" Hall - 
Jean-Luc FLAMBARD took some wonderful pictures of this exhibit.
Thanks to him!

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Les Fleurs du Mal, Caen/France
FAIT MAIN n░ 356 dedicates 3 pages to this special exhibit with wonderful pictures.

The Exhibit "Autres Mathilde" was also annunciated in Hors SÚrie Fait Main Tricot n░25 with 1 picture.

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n░356 aout 2011





ZK│ Serie: ZK│_II (in Progress)

Size:  Yarns 2011
Only a detail 
Work in progress 



ZK│ Serie: ZK│_I (in Progress)

Size: 45 x 50 cm Organza on industry felt, heated/melted, yarns couched, melted/distroyed, treasure paste 2011
Only a detail 
Work in progress 



Pictures of the Vernissage _ 30.01.2011 with ZOOM (Zoomify)
Pictures of the Vernissage _ 30.01.2011 

Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salzwedel: especially to Mr Rummel and his team who are so well organized and motivated.
Thank you to Mrs Flacke for her personal enthusiasm and never ending help.
Thank you to all the visitors!

Thank you to all the journalists who came there on a cold Sunday.
A very interested cameraman was here too! This was intimidating!
Thank you to the Allgemeine Zeitung - Altmark Zeitung for their presence on this very special day.



See some watercolors I did, during a rehab after surgery. January-February 2010 

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