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September 2008

Size: cm

Embroidery with metallic threads on tyvek, background on paper+tyvek, acryl paint



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June 2008

Size: 60 x 60 cm
Heavy quilting on different cotton fabrics. Linen, gilding paste and acryl paint.



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Jan-May 2008

Size: 100 x 100 cm

Full view
Textil and acryl paints, discharging: Heavy quilting  with cotton thread (about 12.000 meters thread!) on wholecloth. 







Aug. 2007-Feb. 08

Size:  198 x 100 cm

More pictures will follow later.

Sorry only a tiny detail!
Quilting on digital print.

This work can not be presented to you until selection and exhibit. 
Better and larger photos will be later available.

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  • They encourage a copy of the product to be sent to them to be included in their archive.

If you need to obtain more information, please contact them.




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For sale
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Size: 20 x 50 cm

Size: 20 x 50 cm

Those 2 small works were realized for the Association: Couleur Fil

First Exhibit: 
15.06.08 - 05.07.08

Danse et Cie
Place Gabrièle Petit
7500 Tournai




Artistic computer digital creation of a luxurious background for ink-jet print on fabric. The background is supposed to reinforce the impact of the digitized and embroidered Campanile, one very popular architectural symbol of Venise which is dominating the laguna.

Artistic computer digital creation of kaleidoskopes mixed together with water,  based on a picture of an ancient pavement of a venetian old church. A machine-embroidered net is including small pieces of mosaic. "Impressions" tries to show the ancient, decadent and beautiful atmosphere of this famous city.




Le DON (The Gift) For sale
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Dec. 07-Jan. 08

Size: 76x106 cm
Heavy stitching on cotton (self printed or hand-dyed) fabrics/cotton batting. Textil and acryl paints, gesso, applique, stamping, hotglue and gilding wax. 




RHUBARB  For sale
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July 2007

Size: 55x60 cm

Digitized embroidery on organza.

Embroidery machine at work
2 detail, 1 view from back.
Inspiration from a photography taken by Anja Kramer 
in her garden (Spring 2007). 
Thanks for her permission!



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