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September 2007

Sorry only a tiny detail!
Digital file composition printed on different cotton fabric. Light stitching.

This work was stopped, the ink jet solution (not Bubble Jet) did not fixed the prints. The work is cancelled.



Work in PENDING!

September 2007

Size:  cm

More pictures will follow later.

Sorry only a tiny detail!
Self-digitized embroidery on polyester chiffon.
More than 10.000 meters stitching-threads!




September 2007

Size: 18x15 cm
Self-digitized embroidery on self-dyed cotton



Not for sale 
Owner: myself!

August 2007

Size:  198 x 100 cm

Sorry only a tiny detail!

Picture from:

This work was realized thanks to the wonderful pictures of:

Those Hubble material may be reproduced without fee, on the following conditions:
  • ESA is credited as the source of the material (images/videos etc.). Please add other additional credit information that is posted together with the material.
  • ...
  • They encourage a copy of the product to be sent to them to be included in their archive.

If you need to obtain more information, please contact them.




August 2007

Size: 17x12.5 cm



Circles of life  For sale
Email me

July 2007

Size: 40x40cm 

More pictures will follow later.

Sorry only a tiny detail!
Free machine embroidery on industrial felt and painted vliesofix.




RHUBARB  For sale
Email me

July 2007

Size: 55x60 cm

Digitized embroidery on organza.

Embroidery machine at work
2 detail, 1 view from back.
Inspiration from a photography taken by Anja Kramer 
in her garden (Spring 2007). 
Thanks for her permission!



Turtles Owner:
Sophie Pascal

July 2007

Size: 40x50 cm
Digitized embroidery on organza, needle felting, hand embroidery.
Linen, felt, misty fuse, yarns, cotton, acryl paints.


Inspiration from a underwater photography taken by Sophie Pascal 
in Egypt (Spring 2007)







May 2007-Dec. 07

Size: 80x130 cm

More pictures will follow in Fall 2007.

Sorry only a tiny detail!
Organza, transfer & acryl paints, manipulated felt, organza, stitching, digitized embroidery, and more!




Ammonite I SOLD
Edith Delaunay

February 2007

Size: 91x72 cm

Edith Dost-Delaunay

Polyester satin, transfer paints. Digital embroidery.




Émergences For sale
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For a 320 kb-file please:
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Andreas Muenchbach

January 2007

Size: 88x93 cm

Self-taken flower photo ink-jet printed on non-woven. Free stitching on the background. Hot gun or soldering iron on the different layers. Acryl paints and treasure paste.

Timtex painted with transfer colours, stretch velvet also dyed with transfer colours, no woven, organza.

For a 400 kb-file please:
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Professional Art Photography: Andreas Muenchbach  

Professional photos with KODAK color control patches are available for print or press purposes, please ask.

Both pictures above taken from:
Andreas Muenchbach

is selected for the contest 2007 
Artextures (read more here)

Detail-pictures on the right taken from myself.



April 2007

Some new ATCs
See here!



January 2007

Some new AMCs
See here!


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