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December 2004

Size: 50 x 65 cm

Sonja Düring

Felt, commercial/sheer fabrics, treasure paste & markal stick, beads.
Machine embroidery.




Xmas wall-hanging

November 2004

Size: .. x .. cm

Susanne  SCHURIG

Commercial printed fabrics, also manipulated fabrics.

Susanne choosed her favourite Xmas fabrics!




Xmas tablecloth, quilted


November 2004

Size: 190 x 125 cm

Catherine Pascal

Allover quilting on allover printing.


OLD WALL (Vieux Mur)

Oct. 04-Jan. 05

Size: 64 x 50,5 cm


Hundred years old silk, other materials (linon, acryl gels and tons of threads!). 
Free machine embroidery.

Inspired from a photo I took from a very old wall in Salzwedel, Germany.


If you are interested, please contact me directly for a price.
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Pictures of work in progress: 


Selected for: 2005 Tactile Architecture exhibit
International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston





Small Wonder

August 2004

Size: 60 x 60 cm

Sorry you can not see the beading. 

Hand-dyed cottons, roving, yarns, angelina fibers, chocolate foils, ink-jet transfer, acryl medium, beads.
Beading per hand, other works per machine.


If you are interested, please contact me directly for a price.
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The finished work /with hand beading/ was unfortunately not photographied.

This art-quilt "Small Wonder" had been accepted for the exhibition 





July 2004

Size: 130 x 117cm

Silks, polyester, linon, cotton and other fabrics, yarns etc. Woven, appliqued, couched, sewed, felted etc.


If you are interested, please contact me directly for a price.
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This art-quilt "Croisements" is touring 2006-2008 in the Hansa-Exhibit 




My B-Line Home quilting frame


June 2004, a big moment, my b-line home quilting system arrived at my home!
Product info:

My Brother PQ1500 (short-arm) will be mounted on it, with a speed control.

I hope that it will contribute to make those home quilting systems more  popular in continental Europe.
Too many continental quilters (french, german, etc. ...) have never heard of those systems (sometimes knowing about professional quilting systems). But there are so many possibilities that are affordable.
On this clever page you will find fast all systems listed:
Please surf and inform yourself!
Some of you will ask : can you/I afford it ? Well i paid with a UPS-shippment 628 euros (depends of course of CAD-exchange rate, shipment is less or about a 1/3 of this amount). 
The customs wanted my contribution too (UPS paid it for me and i got 8-10 days later an invoice from UPS). Customs´calculations are something quite complicated, so I can not tell you, what you would pay ! 
Other obligatory costs are : fabric for the fabric leaders and double-sided tape (10-12 euros together).
I choosed to buy an extra table for the system to get the best configuration (length) for me and to order extra-long zippers (over 2,80 meters) to mount extra-quickly my tops on the the system. 
In total it was less than 800 euros, and this is a decision i do not regret!
I quilted 2 pieces very quickly and densely and it was a lot of fun !
Please be indulgent, I´m a "learner" in exercising, it is so new to me!
The b-line home quilting system is actually mounted on a 220x70 cm  table with foldable legs, and I can mount it off in less than 15 minuts. Wonderful isn´t it?


At the end of my 1st exercise piece my stitches got regular with no "eyelashes" on the back, I was really happy about the result. The horizontal line you see is stitched so I would get a feeling for the depth or the PQ1500´s throat. 






June - xx 2004

140x200 cm




Exhibit in Salzwedel

Pictures of my exhibit in Salzwedel
02 May-11 June 2004

"Die Alte Münze"
Altperverstr. 22
29410 Salzwedel

Thanks to Patch e.V. and Ms Karin Flacke
See some pictures of the exhibit:

Click here!

See some pictures of the exhibit




Fabric portrait


original portrait

after thread painting:

Online-Class with Marylin Belford

before thread-painting

after thread painting

before thread paintig: 




Starwars Block-Robin


Blocks made for a german block-robin, "Starwars"

Click here!
See the blocks i made and the ones of some participants! 




Click here!
See the blocks i made and the ones of some participants! 


Drôles de zèbres


March 2004

Size: 122x102 cm

Suzanne de Gaillande-Weber

African (some manipulated) fabrics, commercial and hand dyed fabrics. 
Free raw-edges machine applique (no adhesive!). 
Free embroidery & quilting.
Acryl paints.


1st prize for Germany 
World Quilt Competition 2004

This artquilt "Strange Zebras" had been accepted for the exhibition 
*World Quilt & Textile - On Tour* 2004



For Samyah
January 2004

Size: 15 cm 


Gaia´s children

January-March 2004

ca. 130x130 cm



If you are interested, please contact me directly for a price.
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This quilt "Gaia´s children" had been accepted for the contest 2004 MasterPieces: Color, Couleur, Colore, Kulör! (URL for contest 2003)



No title


September 03

ca. 120x120 cm

Microwave and hand dyed cotton/linon, organza chiffon. 
Transfer dyes/Acryl paints.. Threads, yarns, napkins, vliesofix®, avalon®, beads, foils ....

Bobbin work, couching, free machine beading/ embroidery and quilting.



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