After an Original Robin-Idea called
Anne Prunet 
we changed the quantity of the ATCs (9 instead of 3).
3 participants are needed
Each participant prepares a reinforced/stabilized background for 9 generous ATCs (because of stitching and so on)
The background will be divided in 3 thirds, the 2 other participants get each 1 third of the background, 
and will work on each background and swap it again.
The last participant finishes the ATCs-serie of a same background, and send 1 ATC of each serie to everyone...
At the end, we all have 9 ATCs, all made out of 3 different backgrounds and all different.
Lots of fun!

These are the nine ATCs I got at the end of our
"ATC-Robin", all are really so beautiful.
Catherine Pascal Caroll Lenthall Yvette Campos-Kratzeisen
Yvette´s background, Caroll.
 I finished the ATC
Yvette´s background, Catherine. 
Caroll finished the round (i.e. the ATC).
Yvette: made 3 ATCs from her own background. Here the one I got.
Caroll´s background, Yvette. 
I finished the round (i.e. the ATC).
Caroll: made 3 ATCs from her own background,  here the one I got. Caroll´s background, Catherine.
Yvette finished the ATC
I made 3 ATCs out of my own back- ground. This is the one I kept for myself. Catherine´s background, Yvette. 
Caroll finished the round.
Catherine´s background, Caroll. 
Yvette finished the round.


The 3 series that i completely did or finished

My own serie 
The serie started by 
Caroll Lenthall
The serie started by 
Yvette Campos-Kratzeisen





Caroll Lenthall made a beautiful page, 
with much more information as mine (in French)
please visit:

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Copyright 2006
Photos: Yvette Campos-Kratzeisen, Caroll Lenthall, Catherine Pascal