After an Original Idea "TRYPTIQUES" from:
Anne Prunet
we changed the quantity of the ATCs (9 instead of 3).
3 participants are needed
Each participant prepares a reinforced/stabilized background for 9 generous ATCs (because of stitching and so on)
The background will be divided in 3 thirds, the 2 other participants get each 1 third of the background, 
and will work on each background and swap it again.
The last participant finishes the ATCs-serie of a same background, and send 1 ATC of each serie to everyone...
At the end, we all have 9 ATCs, all made out of 3 different backgrounds and all different.
Lots of fun!

These are the nine cards I got at the end of our
"ATC-Robin", all so beautiful.
Catherine Pascal  Jutta Erner Kirsten Thomsen
Jutta´s background, Kirsten.
 I finished the ATC
Jutta: made 3 ATCs from her own background, 
here the one i got.
Jutta´s background, Catherine.
Kirsten finished the ATC
Kirsten´s background, Jutta. 
I finished the round (i.e. the ATC).
Kirsten´s background, Catherine. 
Jutta finished the round (i.e. the ATC).
Kirsten: made 3 ATCs from her own background.
Here the one i got.
I made 3 ATCs out of my own background. 
This is the one i kept for myself.
Catherine´s background, Kerstin. 
Jutta finished the round!
Catherine´s background, Jutta. 
Kirsten finished the round!


Here are some pictures during our robin,
may be they´ll inspire you to organize a similar play - Original Idea by Anne Prunet -
Catherine Pascal 
some more pictures
Jutta Erner
some more pictures
Kirsten Thomsen
some more pictures
Third of my own background: commercial fabric stitched on pelmet vilene. Jutta and Kirsten got the same thing. Jutta´s background: berautiful soft wool fabric where she felted some roving. Very soft and nice. Kirsten´s background: some beautiful batik with ligth stitching.

Jutta´s background: application of a cord i made with my overlock. I then sent to Kirsten. My background: Jutta made som applications ont it and sent to Kirsten. Jutta´s background: Kirsten made some machine stitching with the flower foot. And sent to me.

Sorry, no picture of the heavy stitching i did, had PC problems ... Kirsten´s background: Jutta made wonderful application on it. It looks fairy-like. She sent to me. My background: Kirsten´s appliqued work is already sewn. She sent to Jutta who finished.
The series completed by: Catherine The series completed by: Jutta The series completed by: Kirsten

For Kirsten For Catherine

For Jutta

For Catherine Für Kirsten (herself)
Jutta´s serie, finished after Kirsten worked on it. Jutta´s serie work from her on her own background. Jutta´s serie, finished after i worked on it.

For Kirsten For Catherine

Kirsten´s serie, finished after Jutta worked on it. Kirsten´s serie, finished from Jutta after I worked on it. Kirsten´s serie worked on her own background.

For Kirsten For Catherine
For Jutta For Catherine For Kirsten (herself)
The serie on my own background. My serie, finished from Jutta after Kirsten worked on it. My serie, finished from Kirsten after Jutta worked on it.

The 3 series that i completed.    

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Copyright 2005-2006
Photos: Kirsten Thomen, Jutta Erner, Catherine Pascal

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