The cards that i got/received from other traders : Complete cards-series that i traded or offered : The cards that can/could be traded (with you?)   ATC-Robin after an original idea from
Anne Prunet 
called: Tryptiques
2007 & 2008 2007 actual    
2nd semester´06 2nd semester´06     ATC-Robin (new 21.11.06)
2nd trimester´06 2nd trimester´06     ATC-Robin



1st trimester ´06 1st trimester ´06      


4th trimester ´05 4th trimester ´05     ATC-Robin ATC-Robin

3rd trimester ´05 3rd trimester ´05      

2nd trimester ´05 2nd trimester ´05    

1st trimester ´05 1st trimester ´05    



Photos Catherine Pascal
Artists: as named with the ATCs